Sunday, February 15, 2009



Don't tell me why it can't be done, Folks. Somebody offer suggestions how it can be done.

Before major newspapers, there was the hand press - I worked on one when I was a child - and before that there were hand written notices. We need a free press that will be available to everyone, not just those who have access to the internet.

We need a free press that may start out as only four pages of local news.

We need a free press that has reporters - amateur or professional - but honest and smart - who will go out in the street and talk to people, knock on doors, ask questions, report various opinions, and provide the Folks with access information about borough meetings and other important issues - tell people's stories. Make it interesting so that people will WANT to read it, not just the standard trite little bits of cold information we see repeated everywhere now that profit-making corporations have swallowed up the media worldwide. Who would publish THIS article except online ?

We need a pamphleteer: We need a Benjamin Franklin. Democracy requires it !

Phyllis Carter


angloman said...

I am doing some research on N.D.G in the forties and fifties. I wonder if archives for the Monitor still exist and, if so, where they might be kept.

Phyllis Carter said...

You can contact The Monitor Online at